Parmatur online learning

Order your online learning right here. The 6 courses are aimed at different participants and together form a complete Pulse implementation.

Each course includes the book “The Principles of Agile Mangement” to each participant.

Each course consists of several steps with homework containing questions and assignments. All assignments must be completed as group work and concluded with a discussion and feedback from Parmatur (e.g. via video in MS Teams).

The result of each assignment is documented in a template provided or as a photo.

Online Blue course for a project team and the project manager.
Homework assignments: Current situation, Project Goals Scenario, Synchronization plan, Project pulse board, Activity plans, Project pulse meetings, Approval of sub-results.
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Try the Online Blue course!
Homework assignment: Project goals.
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Online Yellow course for the management team.
Homework assignments: Current situation, Prioritize project portfolio, Focus areas, Pulse network organization, Profitability analysis, Portfolio pulse board, Portfolio pulse meetings.
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Online Red course for technical and commercial product managers at a strategic level.
Homework assignments: Current situation, Business goals, Program plan, Project to be started, Product pulse board, Product pulse meetings, Program pulse meetings, Approval of handover points, Period planning.
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Online Green course for assignment manager and an assignment team. Homework assignments: Current situation, Identify assignments, Work process, Priority criteria, Assignment queue, Assignment pulse board, Assignment pulse meetings.
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Online Orange course for resource managers.
Homework assignments: Current situation, Identify the resources, Resource pulse board, Resource pulse meetings.
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