Pulse – the Agile Model

Agile Governance of Strategy & Development

Parmatur 20 years 1999 – 2019

Pulse is an Organisational Model for Agile Governance of Strategy & Development.

Pulse dramatically reduces lead times and increases the revenue of your business.

Pulse is based on agile principles and solves common problems in product development and project organisations today.

  • Pulse limits the workload and thus increases throughput of projects and activities.
  • Pulse meetings in a Pulse room simplifies interaction between people and speeds up decision making.
  • Pulse provides transparency and gives the management team control through real-time updates and efficient tools for governance.
  • Pulse makes it possible to carry out cutting edge development in an environment with complex requirements at lower cost and with shorter time-to-market.

Pulse is an Agile Model for the entire development organization.
Pulse includes portfolio management, product management, resource management, assignment management and project management.
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We provide Training, Methods and Tools in Agile Business Strategy, Agile Project Management and Agile Product Development.
We will advance your business to successfully create, cope with, and exploit changes in the market.

The Agile Pulse Model has been updated and is now available here and on Amazon.

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