Making Organizations Agile

Welcome to Parmatur. Parmatur helps companies achieve business agility through an organization based on arenas.

Pulse is about momentum. How to get it. How to keep it. And how to safeguard against interference.

We introduce Pulse during a 8-10 weeks implementation, where we combine training with homework. During the Pulse implementation, managers and employees will learn the new approach and work together to shape their own pulse procedures.
The Pulseguide is used as a starting point when they create an agile organization.

Agile Multi-Project Management Agile Multi-Project Management by Ulla Sebestyén is available at Amazon as paperback and Kindle edition (ebook). The book can also be purchased directly from us (inside EU).

The Pulseguide edition 60


We have carried out one of the major changes of the Pulseguide for several years. The Pulseguide 60 introducing ideation pulse as a way to drive innovative products and business models. Pulse also takes its first steps outside the company using the network organization.

To be able to take in all parts of the guide in an easy way, we recommend a Pulse implementation. Parmatur performs Pulse implementation worldwide.

About Pulse

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Making Organizations Agile