Pulse Implementation

In 10 weeks, we will implement an agile decision-making process in your business, which will accelerate your product development. It enables you to develop innovative products, create effects on the market and be better equipped when conditions in the outside world change.

The fastest way for your business to become agile is a Pulse Implementation. During the implementation there will be training and homework. In less than 10 weeks you will have the pulse boards and network of pulse meetings in place. You have also adapted the pulse procedures to fit your business and created a common understanding of how the tools should be used and how interaction between individuals and teams should take place.

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The training will be divided on three course groups:

  • Training of executive managers.
  • Training of technical and commercial product managers.
  • Training of project managers and project members.

After the Pulse implementation, you will have the tools and knowledge needed to work efficiently with pulse in agile strategy and development.

Pulse network organization for agile organisations

The pulse implementation includes a Pulse license with:

  • The Pulseguide (methods & templates).
  • Support.
  • Updates.

If you want to learn more, contact us for a meeting and a presentation of Pulse.