Digital Meetings

When we can not meet in the same room, digital meetings are a good alternative.

Digital meetings work well for remote pulse meetings. We use a large digital touch screen with InGlass technology from FlatFrog as the pulse board, combined with MS Teams for the video meeting and for sharing documents. Participants at a distance connect to the meeting via their PC.

On the touch screen, we upload the goal scenario and synchronization plan for the project (alternatively business goals and program plans for a product team). All participants can then generate and move digital post-its. In MS Teams, we add activity plans, decision log and problem logs that everyone can write in. Read more about digital pulse meetings here …

Målbild ritad på arbetsmöte i FlatFrog Board

Workshops are used i.a. to draw up goals and plans, as well as to identify and solve problems. While pulse meetings take a few minutes and are conducted daily, workshops are more sporadic and significantly longer.

Workshops can also be carried out with participants at a distance. What is required is a large digital touch screen and a video conferencing connection so that everyone can see each other. Read more about digital workshops (in Swedish) here …

Even if none of the participants has a digital whiteboard, it is possible to connect several PCs with the app FlatFrog Boards and thus share the content on an emulated whiteboard.

Contact us for a quick remote demo of digital meetings.