We offer internal training for you and your colleagues where we work with your business and your projects.

We have two different types of training.

  • Courses with group exercises.
  • Workshops where the participants work on planning with the support of the teacher (e.g. planning a project, strategic planning or setting up a pulse board).

Courses with group exercises

Agile Multi-Project Management with Pulse, 2 days

For managers and decision makers who want to understand what Pulse is, how Pulse works and how an implementation of pulse would affect their operations.

Pulse In Depth, 2 days

For developers and project managers who work with projects and assignments. The course gives an introduction to the principals and methods used in Pulse.


Strategic focus and design, 1 day

Strategic planning for product development. For business management team, product managers and other key stakeholders.

Pulse board, 2 days

Set up a pulse board for one specific team. That can for example be:

  • Portfolio pulse board for the business management team that has the overall responsibility for decisions on investments and project start.
  • Assignment pulse board for handling product care and support.
  • Offer pulse board, for managing quotes and tenders.

Project start, 2 days

Project planning for one or several specific projects. For developers and project managers who work with projects.

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