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The Agile Product Development series

THE PRINCIPLES OF AGILE MANAGEMENT by Ulla Sebestyén and Jan-Erik Sebestyén
How to rebuild your business, 2020

In this book, we go through the basic principles that every manager needs to understand in order to practice agile management. 

Paperback ISBN 978-91-519-5531-5
Kindle ISBN 978-91-519-5532-2

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PARMATUR PULSE by Ulla Sebestyén
A Method Guide to Agile Management
Second Edition, 2020
(The book is a new edition, formerly called Agile Pulse)

The book contains methods put together into a model that can be used to manage an agile multi-project business.

Paperback ISBN 978-91-519-5530-8

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Portfolio management, Resource management and Product management, 2018

The book describes how to become an agile project business. What is really needed to get the ability to successfully create, cope with and utilize changes in circumstances.

Paperback ISBN 978-91-639-2459-0. Kindle edition 978-91-639-6337-7.

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Agile Organizations for product development