The Principles of Agile Management

In this book, we go through the basic principles that every manager needs to understand in order to practice agile management.

The Principles of Agile Management: How to rebuild your business

The Principles of Agile Management
How to rebuild your business
By Ulla Sebestyén and Jan-Erik Sebestyén
Pages 158
Format 190 x 235 cm
ISBN 978-91-519-5531-5 Paperback (Amazon US, UK, EU)
ISBN 978-91-519-5532-2 Kindle edition

Changes are often small and seamless, but sometimes big and dramatic. Agility is to create, exploit and endure changes in circumstances. An agile business is able to successfully create effects in the market and take advantage of the opportunities that arise. In order to survive in the long term, both resilience and adaptability are needed. Being able to establish this balance is what agile management is all about.

Major changes in the market are impossible to predict, but we know for sure that they will occur. We just don’t know when and what will change. Recessions and financial crashes return in cycles. While other dramatic world events are much more difficult to prepare for and realize the consequences of. So how can a company adopt the resilience it needs to not only survive, but also thrive in the tumultuous periods?

In this book we will show how the principles of agile management can help companies keep pace with changes in the world around them. We start with basic knowledge about adaptation to explain how organizations work and then explores the principles behind agile management backed up with examples and useful methods and practices.

The book also points out characteristics of an agile business that can be used for self-assessment.

We believe in people’s initiative and their ability to act. With knowledge, curiosity and feedback, the journey towards the agile business can start.