Keep your projects fit by using the fitness apps from Parmatur.

  • Agile Pulse App: single user
  • Parmatur App: multi-user

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Agile Pulse App (single user)

The Agile Pulse fitness app follows the health of your projects.

The Agile Pulse app is a subscription service.
There are three levels: Free, Uptofive and Uptofifteen
Free is for tracking a single project.
Uptofive is for tracking up to 5 projects simultaneously.
Uptofifteen is for tracking up to 15 projects simultaneously.

The app follows the completion rate, ability to handle uncertainty and interaction in the project team.

A finished date is calculated based on your data entries weekly.

You can also follow how your resource allocation and work have evolved during the course of the project.

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Parmatur App (multi-user)

With the Parmatur App you will have the pulse room in your hand.

The Parmatur app is a subscription service.
There are three levels: Basic, Standard and Multi-site.
Basic is for one pulse room with up to 5 projects simultaneously.
Standard is for one pulse room with up to 15 projects simultaneously.
Multi-site is for up to 4 pulse rooms with up to 30 projects in total simultaneously.
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A user must register as an admin and pay the subscription fee. The current subscription fee for Basic is 2 Euro per year.

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The Parmatur App follows the health of all ongoing projects in your portfolio and provide real-time data with early warning signals.

The app follows the rate of completed sub-results, the ability to reduce uncertainty and the team interaction.

Portfolio KPI´s such as resource utilization, delivery precision and portfolio turn-over are presented in the portfolio view.

This view shows the ongoing and completed projects that belong to the focus area and how they contribute to the business goal. Each project is divided into “Completed contribution” and “To be done contribution”, calculated on the basis of the proportion of completed sub-results.

Input weekly from the projects is presented as project portfolio data. Here you can see calculated finish dates with early warnings on potential delays.

Read more here (health check), here (product view) and here (pulse room in your hand).

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