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Yellow online course for a management team.
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The management team together prepares what they need to work as an agile team and implement agile decision-making in the business. That includes focus areas and project portfolio, a portfolio pulse board and procedures for working with these tools, as well as a network of pulse meetings that will create an agile decision-making process. The results and shared understanding enables the portfolio team to focus the resources on strategically important projects and act on obstacles that prevent the business from making faster progress.
The six assignments below will be done step by step.

Current situationCommon understanding of current problems and workflow.
Project portfolioA portfolio of ongoing projects and unique priorities that facilitate resource allocation.
Focus areasStrategic focus areas that allow the business to channel its energy and make an impact on the market.
Network of pulse meetingsA network of pulse meetings that creates an agile decision flow for the business.
Portfolio pulse boardProject portfolio, focus areas, plans and current situation are visualized on a whiteboard to facilitate collaboration.
Portfolio pulse meetingsAgenda describing how the management team will conduct their portfolio pulse meetings.