Red online course

Red online course for technical and commercial product managers at a strategic level who together form a product team.
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The product team together prepares what they need to work as an agile product team. That includes business goals and plans, a product pulse board and procedures for working with these tools as well as implementing agile governance of ongoing projects. The results and shared understanding enable the product team to make faster progress and be smarter. The agile product team will thereby execute the strategic direction defined as focus areas by the portfolio team in the Yellow online course.
The nine assignments below will be done step by step.

Current situationCommon understanding of current problems and workflow.
Business goalsA clear description and a shared understanding of the potential within a focus area and the development needed to realize those opportunities.
Program plansAn overall plan with projects, feasibility studies and other efforts needed to realize the business goals.
Projects to be startedA list of projects to be started as soon as possible.
Backlog and Period logA long-term list of tasks and a list of results that will completed this month.
Product pulse boardBusiness goals, program plans and current situation are visualized on a whiteboard to facilitate collaboration.
Product pulse meetingsProcedure describing how the product team will conduct their product pulse meetings.
Program pulse meetingsProcedure describing how to conduct program pulse meetings to govern ongoing projects.
Approval of handover pointsProcedure describing how to approve and close handover points in projects.