Project results

Pulse room overview

Pulse room Rönninge (Rönninge is an example)

  • For week, in this case we see data for week 45. It is on display until the time limit for next week’s report has passed. (The Report time limit is set in Pulse room details.)
  • Total escalated problems, is the total number of escalated problems that are not yet resolved from all projects (red magnets).
  • Percentage full time resources, is the average percentage of full time resources in all projects.

For each project there are three fitness bars: Rate, Uncertainty and Interaction.

  • Rate. Shows the calculated trend to finish on time. If the project will finish in or before time, the whole progress bar is filled with blue. Otherwise the deviation between the calculated and decided finished week is shown as a partly filled bar. A fully blue bar indicates a healthy rate.
  • Uncertainty. Is calculated from the average size of the activities. The red bar indicates that the activities are too big. A fully black bar indicates a healthy project.
  • Interaction. Is calculated from the percentage of full-time resources and the number of resources. Partially filled bar indicates that there are too few full time project resources. A fully green bar indicates a healthy project.

Project Charts

Flow Diagram (opened and completed sub-results) shows the number of completed (green-marked) sub-results and the accumulated number of started (yellow-marked) sub-results for each week. The black trend
line shows the necessary rate to reach the decided finish date. The green trend line shows real trend.

Calculated finished date is based on the current trend.

Decided finish date is the date set in Project details (as Close date).

Current rate shows how many sub-results in average per week that have been completed so far.

Needed rate is the calculated number of sub-results that in average need to be completed each week in order to reach the decided finish date.

Agile Pulse App - Project bars

Number of Activities in done shows how much work that has been done each week.

Size of activities is calculated as the average number of working hours spent on each activity.

Number of activities/resources/week shows how many activities on average each resource has completed per week.

Number of full time resources shows the number of people that has been working full time in the project each week.