Parmatur Pulse

Parmatur Pulse: A Method Guide to Agile Management

Parmatur Pulse

A Method Guide to Agile Management
By Ulla Sebestyén
Pages 84
Format 190 x 235 cm
ISBN 978-91-519-5530-8 Paperback (Amazon US, UK, EU)
ISBN 978-91-519-5533-9 Kindle edition

Agility is the ability to create, exploit and endure changes in circumstances. An agile business is able to successfully create effects in the market and take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

There are many books that describe agile methods for individual teams. And there are books that describe how agile teams should interact based on a bureaucratic approach.

But how is a company organized to be agile for real? And what methods can guide managers and employees in their daily work so that an agile decision-making process is created?

Parmatur Pulse is a genuine agile model where the management team’s strategic work and the project team’s operational work are connected through a network of pulse meetings and the transparency created at the pulse boards.

The methods in this book describe how to develop an agile strategic design and how the managers work and interact on a strategic level and with the projects. There are also methods that describe how to plan agile projects and how the project teams should work so that information and knowledge can flow and decisions can be made without delay at all levels, just-in-time.

The book also describes how the methods and the organization in Parmatur Pulse can be implemented in a business.