Parmatur Pulse in Depth

For developers and project managers , 2 days.

Parmatur Pulse contains several agile methods used in projects and teams, such as pulse meetings, project goals and activity plans. The developers might have learned to use those methods in a Project planning workshop. But to fully master work and progress of a agile project, you not only need to know what to do, but also why. This course provides a scientific background to the agile project methods. The knowledge will enable the teams to choose the right method for the actual situation and adjust it as needed to create more value.

The course teaches you how to organize work in agile projects and teams, how pulse boards and pulse meetings works, and why overall plans are needed in an agile development business.

Introduction Basic concepts in Pulse and how an agile organization is designed with a network of pulse meetings.
Even out workload and reduce queuesAgility is not to work harder, but to reduce queues and lead times so that administration and quality failures are reduced.
Queue theory provides the basis for how teamwork should be organized to achieve speed. We go through how the methods in Pulse support this and what is required of the individuals.
Teamwork in self-organized teamsWhat is required for people to be able to work together.
Project teams should be able to work relatively undisturbed. At the same time, the teams must not become static and lose their creative ability.
Real-time planning

Dividing project goals into daily tasks
Uncertainty and risk are constantly present in development. Detailed planning in real time and dividing the work into smaller parts reduces uncertainty. This is done within an overall plan that focus the team to realize the project goals. The frequency of pulse meetings will affect the size of activities and thus the overhead cost.
Complexity and uncertaintyIn this section, we discuss different ways to organize team work and how to use different meeting space in different situations.
Portfolio and product teamDevelopment work is conducted to realize the company’s strategies. In this section, we show the work done by the portfolio and product team.
Problem handling in projectsUnexpected events are a natural part of all product development, as we move in partially unexplored areas.
In Pulse problems and deviations are handled in a controlled manner and with a minimum of administration.