Green online course

Green online course for an assignment team and the assignment manager.
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The assignment team together prepares what they need to work as an agile team. That includes queues and priority criteria, as well as a assignment pulse board and procedures for working with these tools. The results and shared understanding enable the assignment team to make faster progress and be smarter.
The seven course assignments below will be done step by step.

Current situationShared understanding of current problems and workflow.
Identify assignmentsA shared understanding of what assignments the team will take on and who assigns them.
Work processA description of how assignments are received, queued and executed.
Prioritization criteriaA shared understanding of criteria to be used for prioritizing assignments in queue.
Assignment queueA list of priority assignments waiting to be started.
Assignment pulse boardQueues, follow up and ongoing assignments are visualized on a whiteboard to facilitate collaboration.
Assignment pulse meetingsAn agenda describing how the assignment team will conduct their assignment pulse meetings.