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    Changed the colour of corporate level to Gold (previously white). Two new routines. One to set strategies for many business units on a corporate level. The other to coordinate many business units on a corporate level.

    Have for all pulse meetings and pulse boards added duties for the teams and guidelines on how to build up a the pulse board. Also clarified the pulse board examples.

    Ideation pulse has changed number, as has many of the methods in Ideation. More visual information and methods are added to the ideation pulse board. Added a connection to corporate strategies. Added that knowledge teams can visualise on a pulse board and conduct regular pulse meetings. Have reintroduced templates for knowledge accumulation knowledge recycling.

    The number on the Business model canvas has changed and the method has moved it in under Ideation.

    Added demonstration at Global BU pulse in yellow teams period planning.


    All procedure examples have been translated to English. 

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