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    We have adjusted the numbering of editions. Previously it has been called 5.1, 5.2, etc. Now we simplify and removes the point. Future editions will be called 60, 61, 62, etc.

    Pulseguide 60 is a major change, because we have changed the first number. A new color has been added (pink – I) and a (white – W) has changed its content. Pink are for idea generation, knowledge creation and innovation. White will from now on be the group level.

    White – Group

    White-group has received new content. Previously, the color has been a gathering place for everything that does not fit anywhere else. Decisions log (previously W70) and problems log (W90) is moved to the Purple group. W1 Nominal group technique is moved to the Pink group I1, W3 Problem solving moves to I11 and W7 Creative workshops move to I2. Other parts have been removed.

    • W1 Corporate global business strategy (previously Y0.5)

    Pink-group is for ideation, knowledge build up and innovations.

    • I1 Nominal group technique
    • I1.1 Problem solving
    • I2 Creative workshop
    • I3 Fast track study (previously R4.1)
    • I4 Knowledge build up (Re-introduced procedure from Pulseguide 4.0)
    • I4.1 Knowledge accumulation (Re-introduced procedure from Pulseguide 4.0)
    • I4.2 Knowledge recycling (Re-introduced procedure from Pulseguide 4.0)
    • I5 Ideation pulse (new)

    Other updates

    Blue group (project)

    • B2.1 Project goals. Added that the product team will define a preliminary project goal with vision and effect goals as one of the bases to the portfolio team’s decision to start the planning the project. This preliminary project goal will then be worked through with the project team when the project planning starts.
    • B2.4 Synchronisation plan. Word template is called Resource plan, deleted area for names, added full time or part time resource, clarified that number of each competence/role should be added.

    Purple group 

    • P4 Rapid respose. Added tip on calling rapid response team when a problem have not been solved within a specified time frame.
    • P70 Decision log (previously W70).
    • P90 Problem log (previously W90).

    Red group (Product)

    • R0.1 Added focus areas when not operating on a market. Minor improvements to the text.
    • R0.2 Minor improvements to the text.
    • R1.3 Clarified difference between operational goals (define effect goals and development goals in processes that produce, transform and supply) and business goals (define customer needs, leading to the development of products and offers).
    • R1.4 Added a timeline in the template and visualisation to indicate when initiatives should be done.
    • Deleted R4.1 Changed the method number to I3.
    • R5 Minor changes.
    • Deleted R7.2 Deleted. Replaced by I4.
    • R10.3 Prioritise improvements to processes or areas of activities (not products).
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