Pulse Meeting Agenda

Pulse meetings are a stand-up meeting in front of a Pulse board conducted in 5-20 minutes. The purpose is to apply real-time management and take care of problems that have arisen during the work. Pulse meetings have become popular in all kinds of businesses.

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Agile Network Organization

An agile network organization (network-centric organization). The nodes are pulse meetings where visual planning and decision making takes place.

The best way to create cross-functional work is with the help of a fractal, scale-free network. This kind of an organization is fast and agile, an agile network organization.

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What is an Agile Organisation?

What is an agile organisation? An agile organization need openness, self-organizing teams, and a network of formalized pulse meetings.

What is an agile organisation? In Parmatur Pulse, an agile organisation is based on daily stand-up meetings, visual management and planned demonstrations that give feedback. Pulse encompasses the whole organization.

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Pulse meetings are short, effective and fun

Pulse meetings

Pulse meetings are short, daily standing meetings where a team plans their work with the help of a Pulse board. Pulse meetings are more interesting and more effective than standard meetings.