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Blue online course for a project team and the project manager.
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The project team together prepares what they need to work as an agile team. That includes goals and plans, as well as a project pulse board and procedures for working with these tools. The results and shared understanding enable the project team to make faster progress and be smarter.
The seven assignments below will be done step by step.

Current situationCommon understanding of current problems and workflow.
Project goalsA clear description and a shared understanding of the results that the project will deliver and what effects are expected from these results.
Synchronization planAn overall plan with sub-results, resources and deadlines for each work package.
Activity planA detailed plan with tasks that need to be done to achieve a specific sub-result.
Project pulse boardGoals, plans and current situation of the project are visualized on a whiteboard to facilitate collaboration.
Project pulse meetingsAn agenda describing how the project will conduct their project pulse meetings.
Approval of sub-resultsA procedure describing how the project will approve and close sub-results.

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Assignment: Project goals.
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