Agile organization Multi-project management Strategizing

Agile Governance

Principle of Agile Governance

For a business to be agile, it isn’t enough to have agile projects. You also need agile governance that can speed up decision making, deal with overload, queues and deviations, and enable you to work continuously on your strategies.

Agile organization Complexity

Organizational Adaptability

Organizational Adaptability

Product development as an adaptive walk is a new way to organizational adaptability. Predictions far into the future are highly uncertain. Parmatur Pulse supports short lead times and thereby establishes an agile business model.

Agile organization Multi-project management Teamwork

Agile Network Organization

An agile network organization (network-centric organization). The nodes are pulse meetings where visual planning and decision making takes place.

The best way to create cross-functional work is with the help of a fractal, scale-free network. This kind of an organization is fast and agile, an agile network organization.

Leveled work Resource management

Effective resource management in projects

Effective resource management in projects: reduce uncertainty, Leveling the Workload, and Mission Command.

Resource shortages are one of the most common problems I encounter when analyzing a project business. This is also the easiest problem to solve. Not only is it simple, the solution is also largely free. All businesses have a hidden resource pool that is just waiting to be put to use.

Lean Product Development

Visual Management

Visual Management, making sense of the situation together.

A lot of people who have worked with projects have experienced the same thing: downtime. You have to wait for people to get back to you, wait for results and wait for decisions to be made. On top of that other actors are waiting for you to finish your task that you can’t finish because you’re waiting for something or someone.

Agile organization Strategizing Teamwork

What is Pulse?

Pulse meeting

What is Pulse? Pulse has daily stand-up meetings, visual management and planned demonstrations that give feedback. Pulse encompasses the whole organization.

Agile organization Multi-project management

Visual decision making

The visual decision making structure is the foundation of an agile network organization. The organization is visualized through the network of Pulse meetings in the Pulse room.

Agile organization Multi-project management Strategizing

ISO 9001:2015 and Pulse

ISO 9001 and Pulse

Companies with ISO 9001 certification have until September 2018 to adapt their management systems to the latest version, ISO 9001:2015. In this article I’ll briefly review how the Pulseguide and Agile Pulse can function as a simple solution to meeting the new standard.

Agile organization Teamwork

Pulse meetings are short, effective and fun

Pulse meetings are short, daily standing meetings where a team plans their work with the help of a Pulse board. Pulse meetings are more interesting and more effective than standard meetings.

Agile organization Parmatur

What is agile product development?

Agile product development is the ability to impact the market, utilize this impact and to have the ability to make use of new opportunities appearing in the marketplace.