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Macro level decisions is not enough according to Sandy Munro

In this video, Sandy Munro and Cory Steuben discuss why Tesla is so successful, and why the legacy automaker fail to catch-up. 29:10 ”The biggest thing I see is many of these OEMs that are trying to play catch-up; they’re only focused on the macro level decisions – their cells, their motors. But it’s all the micro level decisions,…

Dual Organizations

Since the functional organization (sometimes called the line organization) developed during the second half of the 19th century, different variants have seen the light of day. They all have in common that they create a structure in the business based on a hierarchy, where one manager or employee is subordinate to another manager, and where…

Digital Pulse Meetings

Pulse meetings have become a natural part of the work in many companies; a group of people meet for 10-15 minutes standing in front of a pulse board (whiteboard) to discuss the current situation and what needs to be done during the day. At a pulse meeting, a dynamic is created in the teams which,…


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