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Cyber Pulse Board

Parmatur Cyber Pulse Board – Laptop style –

Parmatur Pulse is built to increase interaction between people and hence create an agile decision process in a company. Primarily this interaction takes place at pulse meetings in a pulse room where the participants stand in front of their pulse board. But it is quite common that pulse teams are working on several development sites or that some team members are working from home. So far the solution to connect different locations has been to use a web cam. This works. But remote people have difficulties in really being involved and contribute.

Now there is a solution to running pulse meetings with participants on several locations. We call it Cyber Pulse Board and it is built on technologies from FlatFrog.

You can use an interactive board in your pulse room for projects and management teams where not all members can work in the same location.

If you want to connect two development sites you install two interactive boards, one on each site. If you want to join a pulse meeting meeting from home or when you travel, you connect via your PC.

In both cases you can add and move sticky notes. On the interactive boards you use your fingers. On your PC you use the mouse. You can also add important documents such as the project goal scenario and the synchronization plan.

In Pulse, our system for tracking activities, problems and decisions are both simple and powerful. You can write directly on the interactive boards, but it is much easier to do that on a PC and then share the documents, e.g. with Google Docs or Share Point.

The Cyber Pulse Board can be extended on several pages, which makes it possible to add extra documents or make a quick drawing by hand.

To test, enter in a web browser.

Agile organization

Pulse Room and Obeya

Pulse room
The Pulse Room and Obeya are similar in some respects, but differ in others.

What is a pulse room and why is it such a central part of Parmatur Pulse?


Pulse Meeting Agenda

Pulse meetings are a stand-up meeting in front of a Pulse board conducted in 5-20 minutes. The purpose is to apply real-time management and take care of problems that have arisen during the work. Pulse meetings have become popular in all kinds of businesses.


SAFe is not safe

Over the years we have worked with several software companies that use Scrum alongside Parmatur Pulse. Recently SAFe has also appeared in some discussions with potential customers as an alternative to Parmatur Pulse. I can now see the same problems in all these Scrum-companies. These are problems we have never encountered with Parmatur Pulse. It has made me dig deeper and compile my own conclusions and opinions. What is happening in the companies that use Scrum and why has SAFe appeared on the scene?

“You are not supposed to feel safe in product development. It’s your job as engineers to deal with uncertainty and risks involved.”


How to make a Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck, Wikipedia CC BY SA

Few can have missed that Tesla announced its upcoming Pickup truck back in November 2019. The truck shocked the world with its “cyber” design. The look is not a choice just to polarize the world. It is a result of how they chose to design the car.

Key Performance Indicator Lean Product Development Parmatur App

Successful New Product Development

Successful New Product Development is based on a combination of business strategy and business transparency.

Technology companies generally have an R&D department where people work with development. It’s taken for granted, just like having a finance department. But have you, as a manager, really thought about what you want to achieve with the R&D resources? It may seem like a silly question; Of course you know what the R&D department does and why. Or do you?


Chalmers Formula Student

Key Performance Indicator Parmatur App

Pulse Room in Your Hand

Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay

In the 1990s, Toyota and Scania developed the Pulse-room concept, or Obeya as it is called in Japan. The pulse room is a solution to the problem with weak management control when organising work as projects. This problem was highlighted by several research programs during the 1980s. The effect of an Obeya was immediate for Toyota; in some few years they were able to develop the hybrid car Prius, and new brands as Lexus and Scion. It took their competitors decades to catch up.

Key Performance Indicator Parmatur App

Project portfolio health check – how do the projects perform and how are the resources utilized?

Project portfolio health check

It is often hard for a management team to get an up to date overview of the company’s projects. The projects tend to slip through the grip because the checkpoints are few and far between, the projects generate largely “invisible” results, and resources go in and out of projects over time.

Agile organization

Distributed Development

Set-up for distributed development, when development is distributed on many locations

Pulse in a company with one R&D location will have one pulse room. But what to do when there are many locations around the world where development is done? Unlike a hierarchical line organization, Parmatur Pulse is an organizational model that can easily handle distributed development and “multi-site” situations.