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Pulse Room and Obeya

Pulse room
The Pulse Room and Obeya are similar in some respects, but differ in others.

What is a pulse room and why is it such a central part of Parmatur Pulse?


Pulse Meeting Agenda

Pulse meetings are a stand-up meeting in front of a Pulse board conducted in 5-20 minutes. The purpose is to apply real-time management and take care of problems that have arisen during the work. Pulse meetings have become popular in all kinds of businesses.


How to make a Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck, Wikipedia CC BY SA

Few can have missed that Tesla announced its upcoming Pickup truck back in November 2019. The truck shocked the world with its “cyber” design. The look is not a choice just to polarize the world. It is a result of how they chose to design the car.


Chalmers Formula Student

Agile organization

Distributed Development

Set-up for distributed development, when development is distributed on many locations

Pulse in a company with one R&D location will have one pulse room. But what to do when there are many locations around the world where development is done? Unlike a hierarchical line organization, Parmatur Pulse is an organizational model that can easily handle distributed development and “multi-site” situations.

Agile Pulse App

Agile Pulse App is now live

The Agile Pulse App promotes behaviours that shorten development time and maximize throughput.

Agile organization Multi-project management Teamwork

Agile Network Organization

An agile network organization (network-centric organization). The nodes are pulse meetings where visual planning and decision making takes place.

The best way to create cross-functional work is with the help of a fractal, scale-free network. This kind of an organization is fast and agile, an agile network organization.

Leveled work Resource management

Effective resource management in projects

Effective resource management in projects: reduce uncertainty, Leveling the Workload, and Mission Command.

Resource shortages are one of the most common problems I encounter when analyzing a project business. This is also the easiest problem to solve. Not only is it simple, the solution is also largely free. All businesses have a hidden resource pool that is just waiting to be put to use.

Lean Product Development

Visual Management

Visual Management, making sense of the situation together.

A lot of people who have worked with projects have experienced the same thing: downtime. You have to wait for people to get back to you, wait for results and wait for decisions to be made. On top of that other actors are waiting for you to finish your task that you can’t finish because you’re waiting for something or someone.

Agile organization Strategizing Teamwork

What is an Agile Organisation?

What is an agile organisation? An agile organization need openness, self-organizing teams, and a network of formalized pulse meetings.

What is an agile organisation? In Parmatur Pulse, an agile organisation is based on daily stand-up meetings, visual management and planned demonstrations that give feedback. Pulse encompasses the whole organization.