Agile Pulse Model – Program plan

Program plan is a series of projects, pre-studies and other tasks that together will support defined business goals. The objective is to simplify organisation and planning in each project, maximize the customer benefit in each project, coordinate projects as relates to time and focus work in each project in order to increase productivity and make optimal use of resources.

Result from a Program plan workshop

Planned projects, pre-studies and assignments that together constitute a program and support a business goal operational goal.

How results are to be generated

Work method. The results are generated in a group consisting
of different roles and competencies. This helps to generate mutual understanding and makes it possible to exchange knowledge, which results in a broader basis for decision making and a common image of projects’ planning.

Premises and material. Workshop room. Whiteboard, post-it
notes and pens/markers.

Step 1.

Business goals to program plan - Agile Pulse Model
Business goals to program plan – Agile Pulse Model


Based on the business goals , identify projects and major assignments that must be initiated in order to achieve defined business goals. Use the development efforts as a starting point. Think carefully about the effects and results that each project/assignment is to deliver. Write down each project/assignment on a post-it note. Affix the post-it notes on the board.

Program plan step 1 - Agile Pulse Model
Program plan step 1 – Agile Pulse Model


Step 2.

Identify which projects/assignments are dependent on one another and must be in a serial flow. Identify which projects/assignments are independent of one another and can be conducted in parallel.
Identify which projects/assignments are most important to start with. Post the program’s network plan with post-it notes on a whiteboard and draw in the dependencies.

There is often a need for market analyses, launch projects and
other types of projects too in order to fulfil the business goals.
If so, add them to the program plan and mark them with different

Step 3.

Set a name that shows what results each project, assignment
and analyses will fulfil.

Program plan step 4 - Agile Pulse Model
Program plan step 4 – Agile Pulse Model


Identify whether there are important fixed deadlines for delivery of the projects’, assignment´s or analyses´ results. If so, add them to the plan.

Visually represent the results

Draw the network plan for the program in PowerPoint. Affix it to the product pulse board.

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