Agile Pulse Model – Product pulse

Product pulse will enable the product teams to coordinate their efforts so that results can be delivered. Product pulse will also enable the product teams to react quickly to new conditions
and ideas, and to handle decisions that the ongoing projects need help with.

The product team uses backlog planning to focus their efforts. A period is generally one month long.

Step 1. Product pulse

Product pulse meetings are held daily.

Product pulse board - Agile Pulse Model
Product pulse board – Agile Pulse Model


Product cyber pulse board – Agile Pulse Model

General: Activities identified during product pulse can be added to the activity window for immediate actions, or added to the period log to be handles as soon as possible, or added to the backlog for
later prioritization together with other long term tasks. Problems and decisions are documented in the decision log and
product ideas in a new project ideas list.

1. Finished activities. What activities in the activity window are done and can be moved from “In progress” to “Done”.

2. Newly arrived cases. Are there any new ideas, problems or actions in the inbox? Identify actions and make decisions.

3. Activities to do. What workshops are needed? Who should participate? What handover points in the projects are coming up soon? Who should participate? Are there tasks in the period log or activity plans that should be moved to the activity window? What activities should be moved from “To do” to “In Progress”? Who will do what?

Step 2. Daily retrospective

Daily discuss work and cooperation in the team, attend to any obstacles and jointly agree on how to resolve them. This will provide conditions for the team to self-organize and create more value.


Set up business goals, program plans, backlog, period log and other important documents on the product pulse board. Draw areas for activity window and inbox. Use post-it notes to note activities in the activity window and new messages in the inbox.

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