Agile Pulse Model – Decision log

Decision log is used to document decisions made at pulse meetings.

Result to be found in a decision log

Documented decisions.

How results are to be generated

Work method. When a decision is made at a pulse meeting it is entered into the decision log immediately by hand.

Premises and material. Pulse room. Pulse board and a decision log template.

Step 1.

Document decisions made in the decision log. For example decision on how to remedy problems. Document if the problem has been passed on to another decision forum and document what decision was made there.

Decision No. Problem and decision made Decision
date/ sign.
D1 Hand book delivery late. Pack all material except the hand books. Send them by mail on Friday. 140512/AnSe
D2 Localisation of documentation? Passed on to program pulse. 140515/AnSe
D3 Localisation of documentation: Electric drawings in English. Installation guideline in Italian. 140518/ToMn Program pulse
D4 Contract with supplier not signed. Involve another backup supplier for gear box. 050525/AnSe

Visually represent the results

The decision log in A4 is posted on the pulse board.

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