Agile Pulse Model – Assignment queue

An assignment queue contains assignments that are in progress and assignment that are in queue. Assignments are shorter than projects and will involve one or two persons.

By prioritizing and queuing assignments, resources are guided to where they are of the most use and you avoid overloading from too many assignments in progress simultaneously. The objective is to increase the through-flow and profitability of the assignments you carry out.

Result from an Assignment queue workshop

An updated overview of assignments waiting to start, assignments in progress, assignments recently completed and rejected assignments.

How results are to be generated

Work method. A smaller group can work out the outline for the assignment queue. The assignment queue will be used regularly to prioritize assignments.

Premises and material. Whiteboard and pens/markers. Excel to list the queue.

 Step 1.

A few parameters are used to prioritize the assignments in queue. Determine which parameters should be used. Also decide what other information you will need to collect. The suggestion below can be used as a starting point. Do the changes and supplements you need.

Assignment queue – assignments in queue and in progress
ID Assign-ment Description Received date Revenue or cost saving Significance for Import-ance Status
(queue/in progress/ done/rejected)
Finished date
Premium customer Delivery security Personal safety

Step 2.

List the assignments – those in progress and those that have not yet been started. Enter them to the assignment list. Compile information about the assignments. Assign values for the parameters. Determine the importance of assignments in queue.

Step 3.

New assignments are subsequently entered to the assignment list and the importance is assessed.

Completed assignments are gradually compiled in as a bar chart. That will give positive reinforcement to the people working with assignments.

Visually represent the results

Post the assignment list in the assignment pulse board.

Go from here

Use the assignment list at Assignment pulse, that work the same way as project pulse.

Longer assignments can be planned with an activity plan.

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