Agile Pulse

Agile Pulse: Make Your Product Development Agile.

Agile Pulse is an agile organizational model developed to manage multi-project businesses. It is our implementation of lean and agility in companies working with strategy, development and engineering.

Organizational agility with Pulse

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The model enables you to build an organization which can create repercussions on the market and make use of the opportunities which emerge at a faster pace than the competition.

In Agile Pulse, uncertainty is handled by dividing up into smaller parts. That will reduce uncertainty, thereby leading to increased productivity and higher quality. The effect from dividing up applies not only to information, modules and results, but also to the organization. Therefore different Pulse meetings are used for making different types of decisions, forming the decision-making structure for strategy and development.

Visual management entails that the status of the Pulse boards determines which decisions are needed and what the next phase of work will be. This status is created by the participants’ interactions with each other during the Pulse meetings along with the information shown on the Pulse boards.

Agile Pulse is a model with basic methods which can be used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are allowed to copy, use and adapt the methods as long as Parmatur HB is cited as the copyright holder and shared with the same terms and conditions.