Agile Pulse – Add or Edit Project

Add project: Go to the project list. Press the floating action button. Fill in the project’s details.

Edit project: Tap on the project. In the menu, choose Project details. Press Edit.


Sub-results: The project plan will consist of many sub-results (deliverables, small steps on the way) that together will lead up to a completed project. The number of sub-results should preferably be between 20 and 100. The size of each sub-result should preferably be between 20 and 200 working hours.

Project type:

  • B is a short project that for example develops a new model of an existing product (or process), customizes a product (or process) to specific customer needs, improves quality or cost on an existing product (or process) or installs a product (or process).
  • C is a long project that for example develops a new generation of a product (or process) family, adds new technologies to a product (or process) or develops a new design.
  • D is a research project (pre-development project) that develops completely new technologies.

Total working hours: The estimated number of working hours required to complete the project.

Start date: The date when the project was started.

Close date: The planned date for the project to be completed.