Agile Multi-Project Management

Agile Multi-Project Management describes how to become an agile project business. What is really needed to get the ability to successfully create, cope with and utilize changes in circumstances.

Agile Multi-Project Management by Ulla Sebestyén

Agile Multi-Project Management
By Ulla Sebestyén
Pages 237
Format 195 x 222 cm
ISBN 978-91-639-2459-0

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Uncertainty about the future is increasing as markets, companies and people become more interconnected. Dramatic changes will happen more often, and businesses will have to adapt faster to survive in a tough competition.

Agility is the ability to successfully create, cope with and exploit changes in circumstances. When working with product development, that will include the ability to shift direction when markets and customers change their behavior. But it also means introducing new techniques that could potentially change the whole business.

Pulse is an organizational model for agile multi-project management based on a network of interconnected pulse meetings. People in various constellations meet frequently at pulse meetings and make decisions together. That makes the organizational structure adaptable and modular. It also focuses product development to continuously work at the strategic level to create advantageous conditions for the development projects.

After 15 years of using Pulse, we can confidently say it works! Companies that have been using the Pulse concept for many years report that they continue to achieve short lead times, high project throughput, and fast changes when circumstances change. That all adds up to significantly higher and more sustainable profitability.

This book describes how Pulse works with portfolio management, resource management and product management. It points out what makes the Pulse concept so different from all other multi-project models and explains the scientific foundations of the Pulse principles.