Parmatur tools for agile development

Our vision is to accelerate product development in industry, so that more value is created for your customers.

Agility is to successfully create, cope with, and exploit changes in circumstances. We have developed tools that will advance your business to create effects on the market with innovative solutions.

We provide training online and on-site.

We offer on-site training for you and your colleagues where we work with your business and your projects.

Agile Multi-Project Management with Pulse, 2 days
What building blocks are needed for agile multi-project management and what effects would an agile approach have on your business.

Strategic workshop, 1 day
Will establish a strategic focus in your business that enables you to channel your resources and make an impact on the market.

Parmatur Pulse In Depth, 2 days
Provides a scientific background to the agile principles of Parmatur Pulse and how they are translated into agile methods such as pulse meetings.

We offer online training for you and your colleagues. Each course consists of several steps with questions and assignments.

Online Blue course, 7 steps
The project team and the project manager use the tools provided to establish an agile project.

Online Red course, 9 steps
The team of technical and commercial product managers use the tools provided to establish agile product management.

Online Yellow course, 7 steps
The management team uses the tools provided to establish agile portfolio management and agile governance.

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