Macro level decisions is not enough according to Sandy Munro

In this video, Sandy Munro and Cory Steuben discuss why Tesla is so successful, and why the legacy automaker fail to catch-up.

29:10 ”The biggest thing I see is many of these OEMs that are trying to play catch-up; they’re only focused on the macro level decisions – their cells, their motors. But it’s all the micro level decisions, yeah like packaging and integration that really puts Tesla ahead.”

As we at Parmatur have pointed out for many years, a strategic direction is not enough to be successful. It takes hard work to deal with decisions about the strategic design on a daily basis.

Parmatur Pulse is a framework that enables micro level decision at a high pace. Read more in our book The Principles of Agile Management.

By Jan-Erik Sebestyén

Innovation enthusiast and management consultant in agile organization and strategic work.

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